Ways to Improve Performance and Warehouse Operations

Ways to Improve Performance and Warehouse Operations

Tripping, slipping, and falling is said to account for a number of general industry accidents. Actually, statistics has shown that, slip and fall accidents make up 25% of all injury claims and 15% of all accidental deaths. It’s therefore understood that warehouses need to find the best ways of prioritizing workplace safety for the productivity and health of the workforce. However, what are some ways companies can streamline their operations for improved results overall?

To find answers to this, here are some ways warehouses can use to drive more productive and efficient warehouse operations:

1. Optimize Labor Productivity

Whether through employee incentives, automation, or just any other means, labor productivity should be always the cornerstone of warehouse improvement effort – a reason why is always important and necessary to consider optimizing it. Since labor tends to be one of the biggest cost factors in order picking and warehouse operation, it is critical for companies to understand production rates.

2. Consider Automation

Automation can also help a company improve their performance and warehouse operations in some ways. It helps manufacturers obtain greater warehouse productivity and drive significant costs as compared to hiring more employees.

3. Create Organized Workstations

Research has shown that musculoskeletal disorders, such as tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back injuries, and muscle strains just to mention a few, are among the leading causes of workplace illnesses and injuries. To minimize the risk of such illnesses and injuries in repetitive and manual tasks, it is crucial to design workstations based on the specific worker and task. Logistics is also a critical consideration when creating organized workstation. Doing so will increase ergonomic benefits and drive greater productivity and efficiency in everyday work.

4. Implement Lean Manufacturing

Nowadays, most manufacturing companies are trending toward lean manufacturing, also known as 5S, as part of their efforts to facilitate manufacturing processes – lowering overall costs and enabling production that is quite faster and more efficient. According to some reports, lean production techniques usually create a culture of employee empowerment, waste minimization, and continuous improvement, as well as driving rapid and continual improvement in quality, service, delivery and cost.

5. Increase Vertical Space

To improve the performance and warehouse operations, it’s also important for a company to maximize vertical space, especially on the production floor. Increased logistics and storage solutions, such as the pallet racking can create safer working conditions and increased efficiency in a warehouse. Basically, pallet racking is one of the ways commonly used to store pallet loads across the majority of warehouses, commercial warehouse operations, manufacturing facilities and even in retail stores. It is the best and easy-to-use storage solution in the warehouse.

6. Analyze Picking Methodology

When it comes to ergonomic considerations, it is also critical to determine if the current picking methodology perfectly suits warehouse operations. In fact, making the appropriate order picking choices can directly impact the company’s supply chain productivity, so the company’s picking methodology should taken seriously.

7. Evaluate Storage Equipment

Considering how storage systems will evolve with the company’s needs over time is one of the most crucial parts of evaluating commercial/industrial storage equipment. In this case, analyzing logistics and performing in-depth assessment of current and future storage needs of the warehouse can drive significant cost-savings and improve picker productivity and storage density over the long-term.

Concisely, any manufacturer or facility looking towards process improvement and performance should evaluate current warehouse operations. It’s also a good idea to look for ways to constantly drive increased efficiency and these tips can help in streamlining warehouse operations and improve performance – hence achieving better results.

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