Government of Ontario & Bedrock Industries Group Sign MOU to Facilitate Restructuring of U. S. Steel Canada Inc.

Advances Process to Save Jobs, Industry and Pensions in Hamilton and at Lake Erie

The government of Ontario and Bedrock Industries Group (Bedrock) today announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to facilitate the restructuring of U.S. Steel Canada Inc. (USSC), which remains in court-supervised creditor protection proceedings under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA). The MOU is an important step toward the completion of a restructuring intended to protect jobs, the ongoing operations at USSC's Hamilton and Lake Erie facilities, pensions and post-employment benefits for active and retired USSC employees. In reaching this MOU, the province has worked closely with the court-appointed monitor and kept other stakeholders informed throughout the process. The terms of the MOU remain confidential until they can be released pursuant to a court process. For its part, Ontario has agreed to a framework to support an acquisition proposal from Bedrock intended to protect pensions and assist in providing post-employment benefits. The province has also agreed to support the development of industrial lands on behalf of pensioners in an effort to promote the economic development of the Hamilton region while ensuring that the environment continues to be protected. In taking these actions, the province seeks to facilitate economic progress while minimizing financial risk for the public treasury. Bedrock's principals have a long track record of owning and successfully operating businesses in the metals, mining and manufacturing and distribution sectors worldwide including in Canada. Bedrock has been committed to working with all stakeholders, including organized labour, salaried workers, government and the affected communities, in order to provide well-paying long-term jobs and benefits as well as pursuing continuous improvement and ongoing financial strength. The MOU and the contemplated restructuring remain subject to many conditions, including acceptance by USSC, ratified collective bargaining agreements with United Steelworkers Union Locals, agreements with certain stakeholders, government approvals and the approval of the Court supervising USSC's CCAA proceeding.


“We have been working with the company and other affected parties through the CCAA process to support the best possible outcome for employees, pension members and other stakeholders under these challenging circumstances. This MOU helps us to move forward on the Province’s priorities such as preserving jobs, protecting pensions and the environment while developing the industrial lands. We are hopeful that this will clear the way for a restructuring process that results in a viable, healthy company that supports continued operations in Ontario and in local economies.” Charles Sousa

Minister of Finance

  “The MOU is an important milestone in our efforts to restructure the former Stelco operations of USSC. We look forward to continuing to pursue the completion of these efforts with all relevant stakeholders.” David Cheney Bedrock Industries This article can be originally found at the a

6 Benefits of 3D Printing Technology

The coming of 3D Printing technology (also called additive manufacturing) has completely revolutionized the way several products are now made, when compared to how they were traditionally made. And with this, 3D printing also has several benefits which this article is going to discuss 6 main ones.


3D printing technology allows for ideas to develop quicker than before. Being capable of printing a concept using this technology the same day it was designed cuts down the development process from what may take months to just a couple of days. This ultimately assists companies to stay some step ahead of the competition.

Save Money

Yes, prototyping injection mold equipment or tools and production runs are quite expensive investments. However, 3D printing process allows the creations of components or/and tools via additive manufacturing, at rates that are far much lower when compared to traditional machining.

Mitigate Risk

Being capable of verifying a design prior to investing in some expensive molding equipment is normally worth its weight in, for example, a 3D printed plastic, and others. Printing some production-ready prototype helps to build confidence prior to making these big investments. Do you know that it’s far cheaper to 3D print a test prototype than to alter or redesign an existing mold? Yes, that’s the case.

Clear Communication

Describing the particular product which you’re going to deliver is sometimes misinterpreted because the construction is solely left to imagination. But a conceptual picture of a product is normally better when compared to the description. After all, a picture is worth 1,000 words. Having in your hold the potential product in your hand is going to clear all lines of communication. You’re going to be left with no doubt or ambiguity if you’re able to hold the precise, or at least a quite close, product’s representation.


With a prototype, you may test the market through unveiling it at, for example, trade -show or showing it to prospective investors or buyers, among others. Getting the response of buyers before the product hits the market is a significant means of evaluating if it has market potential.

Personalize It

With normal mass production, all components emerge from the assembly line the same. However, with 3D printing, you may customize, personalize, or tweak some component to uniquely fit your requirements. For instance, this is going to allow for custom fits in the dental or medical industries, and helps in setting people apart in the jewelry and fashion world.

Eight Tips to Optimise eCommerce Conversion

Growing a profit-making eCommerce store is a tough work. As your eCommerce business grows, some of the challenges that you faced are as follows:

  • When your enterprise eCommerce website grows from 1000 SKUs to 10,000 SKUs, where do you put these SKUs? What is the mode of organising these SKUs?
  • Yesterday, when you had started your business, you had may be 3 to 5 employees, but now as your business grows, you need to handle a big group of employees.
  • Traffic to your site is increasing but how do you convert them to sales?
In such cases, the big question is do you need to spend a huge amount of money on SEO or should you opt for eCommerce conversion optimization for successful enterprise ecommerce implementation?

The steps for eCommerce Conversion Optimisation.

  • Reduce your product filters: One area that usually remains neglected in an ecommerce website is the left-hand filter or the faceted menu. It's easy to add more products, more drop-downs, and options but at times it creates a mess on the site and makes navigation difficult for the customers. eCommerce specialists suggest that sales can be increased by cleaning this section of the website up. Many website tries to give many functionalities and options to the customers but not all of these work for the betterment of the site as these create confusion on the purchasing decision of the customers.
  • Activate the ROI Tool: One basic requirement to build awareness, to get leads, backlinks, and social shares is to create an automated tool to generate more leads and increased ROI.
  • Eliminate navigation in the Checkout page: While optimising the eCommerce site, eCommerce consultants recommend getting rid of the navigation when a customer is in the "checkout" page of your website. This can be done by hiding the for your navigation elements within the global header, once you get the hint that the customer is intending to check out. Intention can be determined when an "item" is added to cart.
  • "Add to cart" on the right: In each product pages, the "add to cart" button should be always on the right no matter how far the customers scroll-down the product page of your site.
  • Install an exit pop up: If you do not have Exit popup on your site, you can install one immediately. Change the style of exit pop up and this includes text, image, call to actions, and more. This has a great impact on driving your conversion rates higher.
  • Customer reviews: Allow customer reviews on your site, both positive and negative. Your customers are much better at selling your products. The reviews are influential on purchasing decisions of your customers.
  • Personalize referral traffic: You can install a pop-up or a welcome bar at the top of your eCommerce site that can give a welcoming message to visitors on the basis of the language of the country from where they have visited your website. This gives a personal touch. Or else you can opt for referral sites as well to increase traffic. This way you can gain trust from new visitors.
  • Ensure your site works properly: Irrespective of your eCommerce website's conversion rate in a positive way, if your website's quality check is not done properly, the conversion optimisation is of no use.

Computer Security

Generally speaking, Security can be divided into two broad categories: System security and network security. System security means to protect the data residing on your computers from any external threats such as viruses, worms, and any hackers. This protection can be done by any anti-virus software or firewalls. This will be of course very important to enterprise servers which store important data for the company. On the other hand, network security refers to protecting the data while it is traveling across the line from one computer to another. In this case hackers can easily intercept this data and read it which may contain sensitive information. Hackers can also modify this data before reached to the destination. Of course, many possibilities can occur by the hackers while the data is traveling. There are three important terms must be known for a good understanding of network security: 1. Confidentiality: This term refers to the privacy of the data being sent. Thus some means must be applied when sending this data. The most common approach is encryption. By this approach, the data is encrypted first before it is sent. Thus, if a hacker intercepts this data he cannot read it. Encryption is one part of network security and it refers to hiding the sensitive data while traveling on the network. this is done because there are some programs allowed to read this data which may be sensitive to disclose as with credit card numbers and passwords. There are two major types of algorithms for implementing encryption: symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption. in symmetric encryption, the data are scrambled using one key on the transmitter and then is processed at the receiver using the same key. thus the two keys are the same for the data to be readable. on the other hand, asymmetric encryption, the another type, uses two different keys at the transmitter and the receiver to encrypt the data, one is called public key and the other is called private key. the public key must be known to everyone who wants to communicate with the person owning that key but the private key must not be known for the encryption to be successful. 2. Authentication: Consider some one attempt to access restricted resources such as email account. Not anyone can access your account of course. Only the person having that account can access it. When someone accesses such a resource, he must provide his credentials (username and password) to the server before getting the resource on his computer. This procedure is called authentication. Thus the server must first identify the person before getting him what he need. 3. Integrity: this term refers to sending the data without any modification. Consider while you are sending your data and someone takes this data before arriving and modify it and then resends it. The solution to attempts this attack is to append some bits along with data which is function of the actual data being sent and may be encrypted also. The receiver then must verify these bits before considering it correct.

Practicing Voice Tone to Improve Public Relations

The easiest way to change the tone of your voice is, simply, to change the shape of your mouth. In public relations it is imperative that voice tone is appropriate to the situation. An easy way to practice is to speak in front of a mirror and listen to the tone of your voice. Pick a sentence and orate while looking in a mirror and trying on different faces. Try a sentence like “I can’t wait to see that new movie on Friday night”. Now, repeat the sentence while frowning. Try repeating the sentence pretending you are reporting a news event. Pay attention to the difference in the tone of your voice as you repeat the sentence with different facial expressions. Pretend that you are completing a media analysis of the topic and are reporting to a group. Pay attention to your facial expression and the tone of your voice. Now repeat the sentence smiling. As you practice, you will find that your voice tone changes as your facial features change. Pick a rather sad sentence and repeat the same process. Change your facial features and repeat the sentence trying on different faces. You will soon learn that your voice tone is as important, if not more important, than the words you choose. Pretend that you are media monitoring and reporting information. Watch your facial features as you switch between exciting, happy, sad and serious topics. You will notice that your voice tone changes with your facial features. In public relations a friendly voice tone greatly enhances how a message is received. It is also, imperative, however, that the tone of your voice is congruent with the information being shared. Much of communication occurs via telephone and voice tone provides the listener with information about your facial features. The listener will either hear your smile or your frown!

Follow Right Technique For Press Release Writing

Press release writing can be done in an effective manner when you know about its writing style.

At the time of press release writing, no fillers are allowed. Writing style of such kind of news release is varied, and you will be required to be very specific at the time of carrying out such writing work. You will be able to develop publicity of your online business for free, and in the same manner, you can gain maximum coverage with this. In case you are bad at writing news then it becomes very tough for you to get coverage. At the time of carrying out such writing work, your goal needs to be to grab the attention of people. Here are some of the significant methods relevant to press release writing that you can follow: It is important for you to determine your goal behind the press release writing to rightly concentrate on writing work. In case you are not clear regarding your goal then it can become tough to convey information to visitors. When you hire professional services for this work then make sure that you explain them regarding the motive of writing. The press release is news and not ordinary articles wherein you can add filler content. You should not bore people through writing the press release that is too long to read. People find it annoying to read the long news, and so it is recommended to write to the point in short and simple manner. People of different caliber read news, and so it is significant to use the right and simple English. Make sure that you keep your release short and make sure that you offer to the point information. The headline is one of the very important parts of press release writing. The wrong headline can develop negative impact in the mind of the reader. The headline needs to be related to the release content and must be written in the bold style. You can mention the shocking fact in the headline so that the reader can be encouraged to read the entire press release. After headline, it is significant to begin press release with date and city name. This will offer professional appearance to the complete writing work. In case you know the topic well then it should not be difficult for you to write the press release. You should try to provide all information and do not write your opinion at the time of doing the writing work. First paragraphs and the other paragraphs should provide the needed information.

Use A Patent Attorney To Protect Your Potential

It is said, in philosophical circles at least, that there is no such thing as original thought. Whether or not this is true is up for debate. Although many great inventions come into being year after year following a patent application; there are numerous cases where one inventor has been pipped to the post by another after what can only describe as a simultaneous bloom of same ideas. In fact, the incarnation of the most popular communication device, the telephone, is a perfect example of such a happening. Incidents such as these are why anyone with a patentable idea should employ the services of a Patent Attorney. To understand what to expect from a Patent Attorney, one must first understand what a patent is and why a person submits a patent application. A patent offers protection of intellectual and creative rights of an invention. For an invention to qualify for patent protection it has to be novel and useful; therefore the idea must not exist anywhere else in the world in physicality or as an idea within a publication. Obviously, ensuring that an idea or object has not already been protected by a patent, or indeed be in a process where a patent is pending is a hard task, and that is when it is time to call in a Patent Attorney. The job of a Patent Attorney is to ensure that an inventor's idea is not in breach of anyone else's intellectual property rights and at the same time, to gain suitable protection for their client's intellectual and creative rights in the process. As mentioned earlier, at any one time a number of people could be working on an idea which is essentially the same; whether that is a product or process that has the potential to be useful in the distant future, or something that could be put into place immediately; and only one person or company can claim rights to the idea or artefact to be released. The penalty for breaching someone else's creative or intellectual rights can be harsh, but so can seeing a lifetime's worth of research become obsolete because a patent wasn't applied. An application doesn't necessarily grant the inventor the right to manufacture or use the idea or product in question, but it does prevent other parties from putting the item under protection into production. Protection is not indefinite, and depending on the nature of the rights, a finite limit will be placed on the patent. A Patent Attorney will ensure that an item remains protected, and will have the skills to enforce the rights of the patentee through the courts of law. Any infringement upon the rights of another person's intellectual or creative property can bring with it a large penalty unless a compromise can be reached privately through the services of a Patent Attorney. It is not uncommon for patentees to come to some arrangement with those who may have breached the terms of the patent protection and grant a license to manufacture the product. The patentee will request that royalties are paid instead of dropping infringement charges, and many large companies opt to cross license similar products to increase their hold within a particular industry or market. In a world where technology is growing at an exponential rate, applying for and attaining a patent is essential if a person or company wants to stay ahead of the competition. By utilizing the services of a Patent Attorney, one can be sure that efforts are neither wasted nor plundered by protecting the creative output of the great thinkers of our times.

Agriculture in Canada

Canada has one of the most sophisticated agriculture practice and technologically advanced systems in climate information, soil and land management, and water resourcing and protection. The agriculture and agri-food sector in Canada is a major contributor to the economy and is in compliance with the green initiatives that countries around the world are now implementing. On a yearly basis, the agriculture and agri-food industry contributes more than $100 billion to the national GDP. In strike contrast, that is more than the national GDP of two-third countries around the world.

The Hub of Industry Leading Agriculture and Agri-Food Practices

One of the reasons why agriculture is important to Canada is because the country is the 5th largest exporter of agriculture goods and agri-foods to the world. The industry employs more than 2.2 million Canadians. In other words, 1 in 8 jobs in Canada are in the agriculture and agri-food sector. Canada is the largest exporter in the world for flaxseeds, durum wheat, pulses and canola, and produces nearly 80% of the world’s maple syrup. The country is also the third-largest exporter of pork products with nearly 26 million pigs raised each year, and beef cattle are a growing market in the agri-food sector.

Sustainable Agriculture

One of the reasons why agriculture and agri-food sectors in Canada are renowned across the world is because we, as a country, love to help our farmers. Through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) programs, farmers are trained to maximize competitiveness in local and international markets while building sustainable business models against global competition, consumer demand, production challenges, and more. Canada is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to excellence in manufacturing, production, and distribution of agriculture and agri-food goods. After all, the industry employs 283,000 Canadians and provides food, not just for Canada, but the whole world!

How to Write a Winning Business Plan for Commercial Loans

A business plan is the first formal statement that highlights your corporate goals against the investment/loan that you seek. It therefore, has to incorporate all the necessary non intrusive information that can help in successfully getting a commercial loan. In other words, a business plan highlights the business map along with potential risks for a period of 3 to 5 years, supported with relevant financial documentations. Let’s take a step by step look at writing a business plan that can successfully help you acquire commercial loans.
  1. Write the Specifics – The best way to get started is to write down all the details of the business and what you seek to achieve with the business loan. Once you have written down the specifics, break them down into resourcing, management, marketing, sales, operations, risk assessment, and feasibility. This helps in attaining a good draft, on which you can build a comprehensive business plan.
  2. Company Description – The description should not look like it’s a marketing pitch, but at the same time, should not be bland. Highlight the key selling points and competitive edge and back it up with the market research that you conducted.
  3. Executive Summary – This is basically the outline of the business plan and will cover your company profiles, goals, and strategies to achieve those goals. Ideally, you should spend more time on the executive summary as it holds the most importance.
  4. Market Analysis – This is where you will back up your key selling points and competitive edge with in-depth market research. Market research should ideally be conducted on the industry, market scope, competition, and potential risks. This section helps banks and other lenders verify whether your business has the right approach to succeed.
  5. O&M – Organization and Management section is important to let the lenders know about the operational workflow and the business structure. You may or may not mention key members, depending on whether you are a startup or small business looking for finances.
  6. Sales Strategy – This should include a general outline of the marketing and branding strategies that you want to match with operational strategies.
  7. Financial Report – This is basically a feasibility report that compares the potential progress of your business against potential risks and changes in economic conditions.
All said and done, neatly present the business plan in both hard and soft copies and you’re good to go. As a practice, never include extensive details about the company and its finances, but cover them in a generalized manner.

International Logistics

Grow Worldwide Sales with Our International Logistics

Ecommerce is fast becoming the primary choice for shopping for internet users, which now gives retailers the opportunity to sell their products and solutions without large capital costs. At X, we provide retailers with industry leading solutions in international logistics. Our ecommerce site is the ultimate platform for retailers to sell their products to customers in different parts of the world with convenience. Our international logistics enable localized checkouts for international customers that can get their orders shipped to their doorstep within a remarkable turnaround time. We collaborate with major international freight forwarding organizations that help us connect buyers and sellers in different parts of the world.

Benefits of International Logistics with X

As a leading ecommerce platform, we continuously strive to serve our customers with leading logistics solutions. We manage currency conversions, process international payments, offer custom clearance, and provide convenient traffic of consignments. Our international logistics partners guarantee fraud protection and offer the most convenient return policies in case your order is missing (in parts), broken, or not up to the stated quality. In other words, we help retailers grow their worldwide sales and help customers get their products shipped in the most convenient way possible.

Shop With Us & Get Your Order Shipped Anywhere In the World!

In international logistics, customers are looking for a hassle free experience where they can easily track their order and resolve any issues related to it, without incurring additional costs. This is where X thrives by helping its customers get the best international logistics solutions based on their destination. We also entertain fast delivery services for international clients with an additional fee that takes from 3 – 7 days to arrive at your doorstep!

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