Practicing Voice Tone to Improve Public Relations

Practicing Voice Tone to Improve Public Relations

The easiest way to change the tone of your voice is, simply, to change the shape of your mouth. In public relations it is imperative that voice tone is appropriate to the situation. An easy way to practice is to speak in front of a mirror and listen to the tone of your voice.

Pick a sentence and orate while looking in a mirror and trying on different faces. Try a sentence like “I can’t wait to see that new movie on Friday night”. Now, repeat the sentence while frowning. Try repeating the sentence pretending you are reporting a news event. Pay attention to the difference in the tone of your voice as you repeat the sentence with different facial expressions.

Pretend that you are completing a media analysis of the topic and are reporting to a group. Pay attention to your facial expression and the tone of your voice. Now repeat the sentence smiling. As you practice, you will find that your voice tone changes as your facial features change.

Pick a rather sad sentence and repeat the same process. Change your facial features and repeat the sentence trying on different faces. You will soon learn that your voice tone is as important, if not more important, than the words you choose.

Pretend that you are media monitoring and reporting information. Watch your facial features as you switch between exciting, happy, sad and serious topics. You will notice that your voice tone changes with your facial features.

In public relations a friendly voice tone greatly enhances how a message is received. It is also, imperative, however, that the tone of your voice is congruent with the information being shared. Much of communication occurs via telephone and voice tone provides the listener with information about your facial features. The listener will either hear your smile or your frown!

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